A History of the British Army

by the Hon. J. W. Fortescue

in 20 volumes

Volume XIII 1852 - 1870
This volume includes the Crimean War, the War in Persia and the Indian Mutiny and the campaign in China. It then goes on to look at the Ambela and Abyssinian campaigns, and the Wars in New Zealand. Finally Fortescue looks at affairs in Great Britain and the position of the East India Company. He then turns his attention to the new army from 1870 to 1914, and includes the territorial system, the new social engineering going on for men’s welfare in the army, The series ends however with an important look at the end of the era of purchase, and what the army was going to do next.


SB • xxv + 598pp
3 black & white maps & plans
2004 Naval & Military Press
(reprint of original edition)


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